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And this time it is NOT Slim Shady!

No folks, it’s the real Mark States ~ who has returned from the depths of cyberspace to infest that space between the eyebrows. It’s been a long time since we have last crossed paths, and much has changed! Mark got engaged, moved to North Carolina, and then got married. And he’s been pretty busy adapting to time zone changes and a definite increase in humidity and such ever since.

Life is indeed a journey, and Mark is stepping along & enjoying the walk.

So what is in store with this blog? Well, Mark may continue to do as he does on his Facebook profile page and Notes ~ which is to ruminate upon subjects pertaining to Bay Area poetry and tell stories about its poetic history. But he may also pontificate about poetry subjects more national in scope.

He might even get off his lazy duff at some point and install a PayPal link so you can finally order his books.

We’ll be together again real soon with the next installment ~ I promise!

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The World Will Never Be the Same   6 comments

My Dad used to say he had to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into the 1970s. Given dad was saying this in the 1990s, I just did the smh thing, you know, shook my head. But NOW I understand!

Mark States, having spent years being the Yosemite Sam of the poetry world, the rootinest, tootinest hombre this side of the Pecos, the wild child of the open mike & the poetry slam, is making his move. The man who would rather rant & rave in front of a microphone, dance & swoon in the aisles, Mr. Excitement just “living in the moment” — has decided to take that varmint called the 21st Century by the horns and teach it a lesson or two. Or something like that 🙂

Yes, the fellow who swore he’d rather deal with real people than be hooked up like a Borg from Star Trek into a computer module is here!

First Facebook, now a blog, next thing you know, one of these days we shall take over the world! No, wait … that’s Pinky and The Brain. Wrong cartoon franchise. Anyway, you get the point.

Mostly I expect to be blogging about what is going on in my corner of the universe: the San Francisco Bay Area poetry open mike & spoken word scene, and talk about some of its history & trends. And keep you informed about what I am doing creatively. OK, so I don’t know code, can’t fathom creating my ow web site, and still ponder life’s big questions like “Why does Wile E. Coyote still buy all those defective products from Acme?” So starting a blog seemed like the next best thing – for I am no long-eared galoot, ya know 🙂

So 21st Century, look out!

The world will never be the same. But that is what I’ve been saying all these years anyway – right? The world is better because you and I are here together …

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